Labor Day Weekend is coming soon, and we would like to give you some ideas for a party at home! It is a perfect day or weekend to have a BBQ, potluck, or just a have a fun time with some drinks! Also, it is a three-day weekend, and many people might go out of time so it is important to plan ahead of time. Following these tips will definitely make everything run smoothly, and your guests entertained for the entire evening!


  1. Plan ahead at least 4 weeks before the big Labor Day Weekend Party. This will give enough time to invite people, plan a menu, decorate and a million other things you have to do for a party. Plus, the more time you plan ahead, this would allow more guests to plan ahead also. If it were a last minute party, most people would not be available right away.
  2. Picking a theme can improve the atmosphere. Usually, this is a day to celebrate America and workers of the labor movement, and all white is usually worn on this day. However, you can pick any theme you want since it is your party! It could be anything, like aliens and robots, and everyone dressing as an alien or robot could be a theme. Blacklight could also be a theme, and everyone could wear neon colors! Whatever theme you chose, make sure you remind people before the party. Also, looking for decorations for your theme could also take some time, so plan ahead!
  3. Plan what to eat! Also, plan ahead of time for shopping for the menu. This could be a disaster if you are cooking right before the party, and you are missing some ingredients. This might require multiples dishes, so it is important to plan things out when making them. Some ideas for food can be burgers, hotdogs, ribs, kabobs, chicken wings, potato wedges, salads, potato salad, fruit salad, etc. However, you can make things easier for yourself by making it a potluck! You can ask people to bring a dish or drinks, and you will only have to make one or two easy dishes. Make sure you tell people to come on time if it is a potluck.
  4. Plan activities! You can entertain guests by having some sort of activity or activities planned. This can also be important if there are children coming to your party. You can have activities for both adults and kids. Some of these activities for kids can be outdoor games, cards, board games, or video games. Some adult activities can be beer pong, darts, drinking games, cards, or even video games.
  5. Create a playlist. You should also create a playlist ahead of time that will go with the vibe you want. If you picked a theme, the music should also match. Plan ahead and start looking for as many songs as you can. Using apps like Spotify can definitely save some time in creating playlists. However, if you want a more custom list of a sound that you particularly want, then you should spend some time picking them. Music is also very important to keep a party going. Also, if you are going to be too loud, let your neighbors know, because you do not want any complaints.
  6. Get a bartender! You can hire a professional bartender that will take care of all your bartending needs. This should be also planned weeks in advance to book a professional bartending service. They can provide everything you will need for a party. However, if it is a small party, you can also have someone you know that can bartend during your party. This will definitely make things more fun! Plan some easy to make drinks, and you will have a wild night at home!


Well these are six tips for planning an awesome Labor Day Weekend party! Don’t forget to be safe also! Check out our previous blog post to have a fun but safe night! Anyways, this party will be a wonderful way to end the summer with your friends or family! This is a celebration of you and everyone, the hardworking people of America! Create those awesome memories, and just live life before having to work for the week.