Now that Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, it’s time to relax a little until Christmas! Here at Crystal Bartenders, we would like to provide some knowledge on how to drink alone without feeling like an alcoholic. There is the taboo of being labeled as an alcoholic, but here are 8 rules for drinking alone to avoid being labeled as one.

  1. People can be a distraction. It is okay to drink alone sometimes in solitude, because it can help to reorganize yourself and your mind.
  2. Do not over drink. Many people have the problem of not being able to stop once they start. However, keep the drink to a maximum of 2. This way you are just drinking to get the feeling but not drinking to get hammered.
  3. Get some work done. You do not just have to sit and do nothing while you drink. You should do something productive to feel like you accomplished something while you were drinking alone.
  4. Don’t make it a daily habit. It is okay to drink a lone when you do it occasionally. Moderation is key to drinking alone, and it will make you feel less like an alcoholic.
  5. Don’t stack up on bottles. If you keep a collection of liquor in your home, it makes you to drink alone more often. It is better to keep just one bottle for that one special occasion for your alone time.
  6. Practice self-control. I repeat practice self-control. This relates to #2 and #4, which don’t over drink and don’t make it a daily habit. Keep these things under control, and you can control yourself.
  7. Don’t overthink. Overthinking while drinking alone can turn dark, and it is better to just keep things light and happy. Think about the positives and focus on them.
  8. Enjoy yourself. It is important that you enjoy your own self when you are alone. You are happy with you, and you are confident with you!

Well, here are some tips on how to drink alone without feeling like an alcoholic. Just remember that moderation is key, and to stay positive. Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed for drinking alone but embrace! We all do it, occasionally. Just don’t make it a daily habit.