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6 Steps To A Great Labor Day Party

Labor Day Weekend is coming soon, and we would like to give you some ideas for a party at home! It is a perfect day or weekend to have a BBQ, potluck, or just a have a fun time with some drinks! Also, it is a three-day weekend, and many people might go out of time so...

5 Steps To A Fun & Safe Night Out

It is important to be safe when having a night out with the friends, especially when there is alcohol involved. It can be problem when everyone is too drunk to drive, so it is important to have a designated driver for the night, or get a Lyft or Uber. DUIs in Los...

Crystal Mix Recipe

Welcome to Crystal Bartenders! We’ll start this party right with a cocktail recipe for you. This drink is called the Crystal Mix, and it is a sweet and refreshing drink that will get you feeling good and X-rated! This is the perfect cocktail for a party at home. It...

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